Dear colleagues!
"TKUMA" Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies  invites you to cooperate with a scholarly journal
2617-9113 (print),
2617-9121 (online)

The editors of the journal invite researchers to send materials that are:
- original research;
- sources (accompanied by prefaces and comments);
- reviews of articles and monographs;
- reviews of the most important scientific events.
In the following thematic areas:
- works of theoretical and methodological or generalizing nature, devoted to the history of the Holocaust;
- comparative studies of the Holocaust in Ukraine and other regions of the former USSR, Eastern and Western Europe;
- comparative analysis of specific historical and civilizational aspects of the Holocaust and other genocides;
- factual studies of various aspects of the Holocaust in Ukrainian lands;
- regional and local history studies of the Holocaust in occupied Ukraine;
- research to elucidate the place and role of the Jewish factor in the cultural and historical processes in Europe that preceded or followed the Holocaust;
- historiographical and source reviews;
- studies of the politics of memory and public reception of the Holocaust in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

The languages ​​of the publication are Ukrainian, English and Russian. Materials are accepted in Ukrainian, English, Russian, Polish, French and German.

The circulation of the publication is widely distributed in the largest Ukrainian and foreign research, educational and cultural-educational institutions, sent to more than 100 scientific libraries and specialized institutions in Europe, the United States, Canada and Israel. The electronic version of the publication (in PDF format) will be available on the website of the "TKUMA" Institute:, and the magazine about. The publication is indexed in Google Scholar and NUBV.

You can read more about the design requirements and publication policy on the Journal's website

Materials for Issue № 12 (2020) are accepted until October 31, 2020.

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