Submission and Publication Procedure

In order to publish an article in the journal "Holocaust Studies: A Ukrainian Focus", you should send your material to the e-mail of the editorial office (See:  Contacts). We recommend that you first read the section of the section Author Guidelines and other information posted on the website of the Journal. In the Announcements section you can find messages about the set of materials for the next issue.

- After receiving the electronic version of the manuscript, its external attributes are analyzed (design, adherence to standards in accordance with the requirements for professional publications in historical sciences), correspondence of the submitted text to the thematic profile of the journal. In the response letter, the editorial advises the author/authors about receipt of the text and submits it for review.

-The manuscript is submitted for review to specialized professionals, who have positively expressed themselves in the pursuit of academic integrity. Depending on the specifics of the text and its subject matter, there may be several reviewers.

-Any references to the author are removed in the process of preparing for the review in order to respect the principle of anonymity. Reviewer's Form is sent together with the manuscript, which should indicate the results of the review: evaluation for scientific significance of the submitted material, its relevance and novelty, in general readiness for publication. The reviewer analyzes the text for features of plagiarism, draws attention to the presence of scientific apparatus, fixes any errors, remarks, and determines the need for revision.

- The time for review is set individually, taking into account the volume and subject matter of the submitted text. The reviewer's response is free from the pressure and influence of the editors.

- The results of the review shall be notified to the author/authors. Then the author can refine his text taking into account the comments of the reviewer.

-After anonymous peer review, the text, corrected by the author, is transmitted to the members of the editorial board.

-The final decision on publication is made by the editorial board of the Journal "Holocaust Studies: A Ukrainian Focus".

- After approval of the publication of the material, the procedure of technical and literary editing takes place.

- At the stage of typesetting, the author is invited to review the layout of the article and give his consent to the publication in the appropriate form or make minor adjustments.

- After publishing the next issue of the journal, the editorial office sends a link (as well as hard copy) to each author for acquaintance with the full content of the publication.